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Missing iTunes DJ in iTunes 11?

by Bruce on November 30, 2012

Are you missing iTunes DJ after upgrading to v11?  I might be able to help.  No, it’s not a hidden feature that we can re-enable (that I know of).  However, the Queueing functionality is replaced by “Up Next” and we can mimic the random behavior of iTunes DJ.

It’s a bit unclear to me, but maybe your comments can clarify the rules.  At first I though you had to be in Song view, hit the random button and then press play.  That does work, but so does… having nothing selected in any logical view (Songs, Albums, Artists, Genres – it’s not logical for Radio and I don’t know about Match as I don’t use that service), clear the Up Next list if it isn’t already, then press the play button.  iTunes will populate your Up Next list randomly and behave as before.


This is a keeper. Proof of how ridiculous most class action settlements are for the consumer.  I should have been a lawyer!  At least it’s one way to keep companies in check.


Backup and Restore for Things 2

by Bruce on September 4, 2012

Until Cultured Code get’s around to posting a backup and restore procedure for Things 2 with cloud support, here it is.  The data file has moved.

Things 1: ~/Library/Application Support/Cultured Code/Things/Database.xml
Things 2: ~/Library/Containers/com.culturedcode.things/Data/Library/Application Support/Cultured Code/Things/ThingsLibrary.db

The tilde character (~) indicates your home directory.

To restore a backup, replace the database file with a backup. However, if you’re using Things Cloud, that data will quickly be replaced by data from Things Cloud. To replace your database locally and replace the data in Things Cloud,

  • quit Things,
  • disable your Mac’s internet connection,
  • place the ThingsLibrary.db file into place,
  • launch Things, and disable Things Cloud.
  • Re-enable your Mac’s internet connection and
  • enable Things Cloud.
  • When prompted to handle the merge or replacement of your data, pick the third option, which will replace the data in Things Cloud with the local data from your Mac (and thus, the backup that you just restored).
  • On your iDevice you should get a notification that your database was replaced, or you can delete and re-install the Things application.


Waterproof Your Phone

by Bruce on February 12, 2012




In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll get a commission if you buy from this link.


New Terminal Tab at Folder (here) Service in Lion

August 23, 2011 Mac

This should be enabled by default in my opinion but Lion adds “terminal here” functionality as a “Service” named “New Terminal Tab at Folder” and “New Terminal at Folder”. To enable them open the Keyboard preferences pane, choose the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, and then the Services item on the left. Check “New Terminal at Folder” […]

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Oracle Instant Client and SQL Plus on Snow Leopard or Lion

July 6, 2011 Mac

Download the 32 bit flavor of “basiclite”, sqlplus, the sdk, and jdbc (if you need it) from Note: as of 10.2, 64 bit works on snow leopard but not lion. unzip the downloads and place them somewhere out of the way like /Applications/Develop/oracle  the files should be combined into a single folder.  In my case […]

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Converting a Multi-Title DVD for use on Apple Devices

December 26, 2010 Technology

I use HandBrake to convert DVD’s to m4v’s for use on our iPods and Apple TV. It’s handy because you protect your DVD’s from scratches (since you aren’t using the DVD directly), and it eliminates the commercials, copy warnings, and the menu. It also eliminates the “extra” content, but I rarely care about it. PUP’s […]

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Mac Tips and Tricks

November 23, 2010 Mac

Macworld: Hide application data folders – 2010.11.23 Macworld: Automatically turn off airport – 2010.10.19

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Apple’s Port of Java Deprecated!!

October 25, 2010 Java

Apple has deprecated their port of Java.  Spencer’s thoughts on the topic are insightful.  I don’t recall Apple changing their mind very often so hopefully someone steps in to fill the void before it becomes a problem for us Java developers.  Fortunately we have some time.

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No Clear Button in JQueryUI Date Picker

September 28, 2010 JavaScript

I have the following situation… we are using a jqueryui datepicker, with a hidden “altField”, and the visible input field is editable. We need the ability to clear the date, but there does not appear to be a “clear” button option for the calendar pop-up after v1.6 of jqueryUI.  You can press CTRL-END, but we don’t feel that’s […]

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