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Apple Lifecycle – is it a good time to buy a macbook/ipod/iphone etc?

September 9, 2010 Mac

Ever had Apple release a new version of something right after you purchased the old one (which was the “new” one until that very moment)?  Apple is pretty good about returns within a certain time frame, but this buyer’s guide at should help avoid the problem in the first place.  Apple doesn’t always follow […]

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Black Screen on LogMeIn Remote Session

August 25, 2010 Technology

I’ve had trouble with getting only a black screen when trying to remote control some of my computers with LogMeIn.  LogMeIn support only suggested I update to the latest version.  It happened again so I poked around in the settings and found under “Remote Control Settings” -> “Default Remote Control” it was set to Active […]

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Spring 3 Annotation based Validation and Formatting

August 2, 2010 Java

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JPS JSTL formatting a number

August 2, 2010 Java An example:

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Mac Mail Review Appointment before Accepting

August 2, 2010 Mac

In outlook there is an obvious way to show your calendar before you accept or decline an appointment (besides warnings of conflict etc).  In Mac Mail you simply click the calendar icon that appears in the message reading pane.

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Cool Random Stuff from NFJS 2010

July 9, 2010 Technology

HTML 5 I think: Google Gravity Image Search by Example: Retrievr

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JDBC: Pass a List to a jdbc parameter

June 14, 2010 Java

If you have a List and want to pass it to a JDBC query as a parameter, try this. In this example we have a list of widget names and we want in return a list of store Id’s. For the sake of this example we are not looking to associate which stores sell which […]

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JPQL Syntax: joins are on the class member

June 14, 2010 Java

In JPQL, if you want to join 2 or more tables explicitly, and not simply walk the relationships in your select or where clauses, you must list the class member of the second+ tables, not the the Object. I realize the above query could be written as ” from Keywords” but we needed to filter […]

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Stack Trace Visibility via JNDI lookup

June 7, 2010 Java

We use a JNDI lookup to control whether a stack trace is visible. This allows us to have the stack trace visible in our development and test environments, but not in production. We have have maven deploy the correct according to your environment (which is outside the scope of this post). For example, in […]

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Longing for a MBP

April 15, 2009 Technology

Latest BHAG, a MacBook Pro 17 (still love my iPhone).

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