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Find Peace with Electrical Tape

by Bruce on December 12, 2010

With Christmas right around the corner I though this post might make a few people smile. Too bad nobody reads my blog…
Ever get tired of loud, noisy, obnoxious toys with no volume control? Does it seem like the volume was “calibrated” inside of a noisy factory in China? Have you ever thrown one of these toys away? Or even just thrown one? I have a solution…
Put black electrical tape over the speaker openings. You may need to cover multiple openings, all or part of an opening, or use multiple layers of tape to achieve the desired volume level. For kids that might peel the tape off open the toy and put the tape on the inside, or even clip the wire to the speaker all together.
I’ve been doing this for a few years now and am pleased with the results. Don’t leave dead batteries in the toy, yes, it’s an effective mute, but batteries are likely to leak battery acid when they are totally drained.

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Dishes by Hand?

by Bruce on September 28, 2010

Our dishwasher broke and I told the kids we’ll have to wash the dishes by hand.  They asked how so I described the 2-sink process.  My 4-year-old responded with… “Daddy I think you are going to have to do it because I don’t think mom knows how.”

Fried Board & Connector


Tooth… String… Not

by Bruce on August 2, 2010

Daughter #1 had a loose tooth, her last baby tooth, for a long time, 6 months.  In fact, the permanent tooth was already in place and just as big as the baby tooth.  Mom told her she needed to get it out before her dentist appointment or we’d have the dentist take it out.  She didn’t care for that method; we’d done that before.  By the way, it’s considered an extraction, and it’s not cheap.  So she decided to tie a string on the tooth to help her pull it out.  She didn’t plan for any door know nor book involvement, just a little tug should do the trick.  She tied the string with the first step of a standard shoelace knot.  Standing there holding the string, scared and hesitant, her sister grabbed her hand and pulled, but the tooth stayed in and the tug was painful.  After quite some time, she let me look at it.  Because the string was above the tooth it wasn’t visible.  I had the impression that it might be around the gums and not in a position to help the extraction.  I told her of my impression and that I wanted to pull on the tooth directly, not the string.  I was able to pull the tooth.  It felt and sounded like it was held in by a super strong velcro.  And there she lie, with the string still attached to her mouth.  It was round the gums like a mushroom and still not visible.  I couldn’t get at it with the tweezer so I pulled on one end.  Unfortunately instead of loosening and coming off, it simply fed through, and the string was fairly long.  So I convinced her to let me cut one end short.  At that point a gentle pull released it and the trauma was over – mostly!  If you are going to enlist the help of a string, make sure it stays on the tooth.


Introducing Ean Andrew Campbell

by Bruce on February 29, 2008

2/29/2008 11:08am
7lbs 14ozs, 20.5inches
Name not yet determined. Have a suggestion? Post it in a comment.
Check back for more pictures and his name.
Update: As of 3/1 around dinner time we decided on a name. Ellie and Evan didn’t care, Lizzie had her top 2 list that matched one of the Grandma’s. Char posted a comment and her first suggestion was Ean.
Hospital Photos HERE

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Any Day Now

February 22, 2008 Family

Maybe even today. I’m sure glad I’m the guy.Update: Baby boy still hasn’t arrived (2/26).

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The Real Prize

February 17, 2008 Family

Soon I will start talking about my current obsession, getting an iPhone (without switching from T-Mobile). It might sound like an affair, my true love, so I though I’d preempt that impression with this one. My true love and prize. Shown here 8.5 months pregnant (taken only last week) with kid #4 still cooking.

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It Wiggles

October 29, 2007 Family

Evan wanted some flat stuff (taffy) so Mom told him to eat both of his pieces of squash first. After fiddle-farting around for a while I told him to just eat it really fast, wash it down with water, and be done. He excitedly ran back to the dining room. But after cramming the small […]

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Life is Good

March 6, 2007 Family

I’m working from home, it’s Amber’s birthday, my 3-year-old is sleeping on the floor next to me. He helped me re-assemble my bed with a Dewalt 18v Drill – he used the drill without help! I just hope nobody ever tells him it’s work.

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