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Dishonest? Harassment? You choose. Here’s what they did. In the fall I signed up for a special, one-time service that was steeply discounted. In the spring they showed up at my home, knocked on the door, but I wasn’t home and my wife was bathing a kid. When she was finished with the kid she noticed the Scotts guy packing up and leaving – he had just sprayed the lawn. A short time later I receive a bill. So I call and they agree to cancel the invoice. They stated that I must have been signed up for recurring service last year – um no. After receiving another bill I decided to send them a note with the payment stub asking them to quit billing me. We’ll see. Beware of Scott’s LawnService shady business practices and if you didn’t order their service, don’t pay them. If you want to discourage dishonest business practices then vote with your dollar and choose a different service.




Prayer Thief

by Bruce on October 15, 2011

We have assigned prayer days for each member of the family, but some kids think it’s fun to steal the prayer. The thief will start to say it just before the assigned person, and sometimes we have 2 simultaneous prayer thieves.


Leap Day Birthdays in iCal Workaround

by Bruce on February 27, 2011

I’m on a mission to help the world code systems that handle leap day events like birthdays.  First stop iCal.  My sons birthday only shows in iCal on leap year.  I found a workaround on the Apple support discussion forum.

  • Remove the birthday field on the contact card.
  • Make a new event on the 28th of Feb, and set it to recur every year.
  • Drag the event to the Desktop, then delete it from iCal.
  • Use TextEdit (or similar) to edit the event on the desktop.
  • Find the RRULE line near the end of the file, probably just before END:VEVENT.
  • Change the RRULE line to read
  • this says every year, in February, on the last day of the month). Save the file then drag it back from the Desktop to iCal.

You don’t need the Desktop copy any more.

This is clearly a workaround, and not perfect since it’s not on the birthday calendar, but it will appear on the 29th on leap years, and the 28th on other years.


Find Peace with Electrical Tape

December 12, 2010 Family

With Christmas right around the corner I though this post might make a few people smile. Too bad nobody reads my blog… Ever get tired of loud, noisy, obnoxious toys with no volume control? Does it seem like the volume was “calibrated” inside of a noisy factory in China? Have you ever thrown one of […]

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The “benny” card rules are out of control!

October 19, 2010 Life

I’m not sure which congressman dreamed up the benny card rules – the card that draws from you flexible spending account, but the rules are out of control. The requests for documentation I receive far outweigh the benefits of having the card in the first place. If you agree, write to your congressman, and quit […]

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Dishes by Hand?

September 28, 2010 Family

Our dishwasher broke and I told the kids we’ll have to wash the dishes by hand.  They asked how so I described the 2-sink process.  My 4-year-old responded with… “Daddy I think you are going to have to do it because I don’t think mom knows how.”

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Friend or Servant

August 6, 2010 Religion

In John 15:15 Christ states that “the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth” and that for his friends he makes known all things he has heard of his father. How are you treating others?  How are you treated?  Friend or Servant?

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Tooth… String… Not

August 2, 2010 Family

Daughter #1 had a loose tooth, her last baby tooth, for a long time, 6 months.  In fact, the permanent tooth was already in place and just as big as the baby tooth.  Mom told her she needed to get it out before her dentist appointment or we’d have the dentist take it out.  She didn’t care […]

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June 20, 2010 Religion

A fantastic article about slowing down… “Don’t Be In A Hurry”

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