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Quiznos Cheats Customers

May 9, 2009 Life

I had a coupon for a free toasty torpedo sub when I purchase a torpedo combo. However, the coupon didn’t work until she changed the combo to individual items, which cost more. The cashiers were no help although very familiar with the problem, and after calling the customer service line and wading through the survey […]

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BBB Exposed

August 16, 2008 Life

The Better Business Bureau called recently and fed me a well composed burst of hot air directly up my skirt.  At the end, they offered me a roughly $500/year subscription.  She told me I was “qualified” but the only thing they know about me is I’ve been in business nearly 2 years and I suppose […]

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$100 earwig

June 29, 2008 Life

The air conditioner in our home quit cooling today, even though the fan was blowing. After some time checking circuit breakers, status lights, troubleshooting guides, and wire connections I found an earwig pinched between the contacts on the compressor keeping it from turning on.  When I first spotted him he was sticking up from the contact (or […]

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What’s your hedgehog number?

June 29, 2008 Life

Jim Collins introduced “the hedgehog concept” in his book Good To Great.  The basic idea is “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”   If you aren’t familiar with it, the (audio) book is worth your time. It gave me an idea; it’d be handy to know and track your hedgehog […]

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Introducing Ean Andrew Campbell

February 29, 2008 Family

2/29/2008 11:08am 7lbs 14ozs, 20.5inches Name not yet determined. Have a suggestion? Post it in a comment. Check back for more pictures and his name. Update: As of 3/1 around dinner time we decided on a name. Ellie and Evan didn’t care, Lizzie had her top 2 list that matched one of the Grandma’s. Char […]

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Any Day Now

February 22, 2008 Family

Maybe even today. I’m sure glad I’m the guy.Update: Baby boy still hasn’t arrived (2/26).

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The Real Prize

February 17, 2008 Family

Soon I will start talking about my current obsession, getting an iPhone (without switching from T-Mobile). It might sound like an affair, my true love, so I though I’d preempt that impression with this one. My true love and prize. Shown here 8.5 months pregnant (taken only last week) with kid #4 still cooking.

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It Wiggles

October 29, 2007 Family

Evan wanted some flat stuff (taffy) so Mom told him to eat both of his pieces of squash first. After fiddle-farting around for a while I told him to just eat it really fast, wash it down with water, and be done. He excitedly ran back to the dining room. But after cramming the small […]

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Life is Good

March 6, 2007 Family

I’m working from home, it’s Amber’s birthday, my 3-year-old is sleeping on the floor next to me. He helped me re-assemble my bed with a Dewalt 18v Drill – he used the drill without help! I just hope nobody ever tells him it’s work.

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