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June 2007

Money Can’t Handle 4gig Flash Drives

by Bruce on June 25, 2007

Here is my support chat with microsoft regarding Money 2007’s inability to backup to thumb drives with more than 2gb of free space.
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7:58:27 PM Brian
Thank you for contacting Microsoft online support, my name is Brian. May I call you by your first name Bruce?

8:02:12 PM Brian
Ok, so you are trying to backup to a 4 gb flash drive is this correct?

8:03:42 PM Brian
Ok, give me one moment to research this issue. Thanks.
8:04:02 PM Brian
Thank you for contacting Microsoft online support, my name is Brian. May I call you by your first name Jeremy?
8:04:50 PM Bruce Campbell
and I thought you were going to research my problem – silly me. No problem, I’ll wait why you help Jeremy and whomever else you are working with.
8:04:50 PM Brian
Sorry Bruce that was for an e-mail.
8:06:32 PM Brian
Ok Bruce actually you will not be able to auto backup to a 4 gb flash drive. This feature will only work on a 1 or 2 gb drive. You can drag the backup file to the drive but money will not back up directly to a 4gb flash drive.
8:08:29 PM Bruce Campbell
No patch? No future date for a fix?
8:09:17 PM Brian
Unfortunately no, but it is an issue that the developers are aware of, hopefully there will be a patch released in the future, or in another version of the software.
8:09:52 PM Bruce
I just purchased this version, it’ll be another 2-3 years before I upgrade, or maybe I should just return this one and buy quicken… since it doesn’t work right.
8:11:12 PM Brian
I know exactly what you mean. Unfortunately the software will not automatically backup to a 4gb flash drive. I can definitely help you with getting a refund for the product if that is a feature that you really need to work.
8:12:49 PM Bruce Campbell
you can buy me a 1 or 2 gig flash drive
8:14:27 PM Brian
Well unfortunately I’m not sure I can do that.
8:15:19 PM Bruce Campbell
How about you open a “ticket” in my name and let it stay open until they’ve sent me a patch.
8:17:52 PM Brian
Well like I said we are aware of the issue, but as for a specific date on a patch (there may not be one) Possible in a future software version though. I won’t be able to leave your case open that long.
8:19:44 PM Bruce Campbell
Well, I guess I’ve harassed you enough, thanks for your patience. That’s all for now. Please have a good evening.
8:20:27 PM Brian
You as well thank you for contacting Microsoft.