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February 2008

Introducing Ean Andrew Campbell

by Bruce on February 29, 2008

2/29/2008 11:08am
7lbs 14ozs, 20.5inches
Name not yet determined. Have a suggestion? Post it in a comment.
Check back for more pictures and his name.
Update: As of 3/1 around dinner time we decided on a name. Ellie and Evan didn’t care, Lizzie had her top 2 list that matched one of the Grandma’s. Char posted a comment and her first suggestion was Ean.
Hospital Photos HERE

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iPhone B.H.A.G.

by Bruce on February 25, 2008

My latest BHAG (big harry audacious goal) is to acquire an iPhone. I made a list of stuff to finish (word chosen carefully) before I allow the purchase. I’m about half way through my BHAG. Each task is larger than I anticipated but that’s okay because since I’ve started the 16Gig model was released and I’m waiting for official third-party apps to hit the iPhone (should be tomorrow). One small problem: I have no intention of switching to AT&T who currently holds the exclusive iPhone contract in the USA. So I’m patiently waiting for

  1. The iPhone update that enables third-part applications
  2. The hackers to unlock that version of the iPhone
  3. Me to finish the BHAG

Update: The firmware was updated to 1.1.4 on 2/26 as expected, but the SDK has been delayed. Also, great news, the unlock still works on the new firmware, Zibri will have Ziphone “adjustments” in a few days.

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Any Day Now

by Bruce on February 22, 2008

Maybe even today. I’m sure glad I’m the guy.
Update: Baby boy still hasn’t arrived (2/26).


The Real Prize

by Bruce on February 17, 2008

Soon I will start talking about my current obsession, getting an iPhone (without switching from T-Mobile). It might sound like an affair, my true love, so I though I’d preempt that impression with this one. My true love and prize. Shown here 8.5 months pregnant (taken only last week) with kid #4 still cooking.


zBruce Blog Opens for Business

February 17, 2008 Technology

Stumped and amazed that the domain was available, it is now the home of my new blog. Nothing special, just somewhere to outlet energy. I was inspired by Zibri, the hacker (if that’s the right label) that figured out (with lots of input from others I’m sure) how to unlock the 1.1.3 version of […]

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