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June 2008

$100 earwig

by Bruce on June 29, 2008

The air conditioner in our home quit cooling today, even though the fan was blowing. After some time checking circuit breakers, status lights, troubleshooting guides, and wire connections I found an earwig pinched between the contacts on the compressor keeping it from turning on.  When I first spotted him he was sticking up from the contact (or at least half of him).  When I turned off the system the top half of him fell down; I should have take the picture first. At least it didn’t cost me an emergency Sunday technician visit.


Bottom half of the earwig

Air conditioner contacts

Air Conditioner Condenser Contacts


What’s your hedgehog number?

by Bruce on June 29, 2008

Jim Collins introduced “the hedgehog concept” in his book Good To Great.  The basic idea is “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”   If you aren’t familiar with it, the (audio) book is worth your time. It gave me an idea; it’d be handy to know and track your hedgehog number. I’m not certain the number could represent how good your hedgehog concept is, but I envision it as a tool to help us become less like a fox in our lives. Answer a bunch of questions that represent the relative complexity of your life. The answers are used to calculate your hedgehog number. The higher the number, the more complex and scattered your life is, the more like a fox you are. Work on simplifying your life, and use your updated hedgehog number to track your progress. What do you think? The domain is available (for the moment).