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September 2010

No Clear Button in JQueryUI Date Picker

by Bruce on September 28, 2010

I have the following situation… we are using a jqueryui datepicker, with a hidden “altField”, and the visible input field is editable.

We need the ability to clear the date, but there does not appear to be a “clear” button option for the calendar pop-up after v1.6 of jqueryUI.  You can press CTRL-END, but we don’t feel that’s an acceptable solution alone.  Because the visible input is editable you can clear the date from the the field with your delete keys.  However, when you clear it that way the altField does not get cleared, so the change is not saved to the database.

I fixed the problem using the “onClose” event provided by the datepicker control and detected the blank input field and cleared the value from the altField.  See code below.

It’s not all that elegant but thought  someone might benefit from a quick fix to this GAPING OMISSION from the jqueryUI datepicker.  There is a bug filed, so hopefully they add the clear button back in soon.

<span>Very Important Date</span>
<input type="hidden" id="importantDate" value="">
<input type="text" id="important_date">
<button type="button">
    <img src="../images/icon_calendar.gif">
    altFormat: '@', 

function clearBlankDates(dateText, inst) {
    if (dateText == null) {

Note: I wanted to get the altField from “inst” or “this” using the documented “getter” like this …datepicker( “option”, “altField” ); but I could not get it to work.


Dishes by Hand?

by Bruce on September 28, 2010

Our dishwasher broke and I told the kids we’ll have to wash the dishes by hand.  They asked how so I described the 2-sink process.  My 4-year-old responded with… “Daddy I think you are going to have to do it because I don’t think mom knows how.”

Fried Board & Connector


Ever had Apple release a new version of something right after you purchased the old one (which was the “new” one until that very moment)?  Apple is pretty good about returns within a certain time frame, but this buyer’s guide at should help avoid the problem in the first place.  Apple doesn’t always follow a predictable schedule, but the iPhone has typically been updated in June, and the iPod has typically been updated in September, right after their back-to-school promotion, for example.


How to Change TeamViewer ID after cloning

by Bruce on September 1, 2010

Update: The original post was for TeamViewer 6 (I think). The comments contain information on v7 and now also v8.

If you’ve cloned a machine that already has team viewer installed, the clone will have the same ID as the source machine.  Each machine needs it’s own unique ID.  To get the clone to pick up a new ID by deleting 2 registry keys, ClientIC and ClientID.

for 64 bit Windows 7 I found the key here…
for 32 bit Windows 7 the keys are here…

This won’t work on the source machine.  The calculation that determines the ID uses hardware identifiers which haven’t changed and TeamViewer will therefore produce the same ID as before.

I don’t yet know how to do it on a Mac.