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October 2010

Apple’s Port of Java Deprecated!!

by Bruce on October 25, 2010

Apple has deprecated their port of Java.  Spencer’s thoughts on the topic are insightful.  I don’t recall Apple changing their mind very often so hopefully someone steps in to fill the void before it becomes a problem for us Java developers.  Fortunately we have some time.


The “benny” card rules are out of control!

by Bruce on October 19, 2010

I’m not sure which congressman dreamed up the benny card rules – the card that draws from you flexible spending account, but the rules are out of control. The requests for documentation I receive far outweigh the benefits of having the card in the first place. If you agree, write to your congressman, and quit using the benny card; cancel it. You can continue to use your flexible spending account without a benny card, like we did before (check with your employer). That’s my plan. Oh ya, and since the law makers don’t have anything better to do with their time, next year they are removing OTC stuff from the list. So now you’ll need a prescription if you want to buy Tylenol and Advil with your benny card.

January 2nd, 2011 – Update: It’s official, we (my wife and I) have decided to boycott the benny card this year. We won’t be using it at all, not even for transactions that we’re confident will clear without substantiation. It’s our way of saying “this system stinks”. Besides, the mighty dollar rules right, well, I’m sure MasterCard wouldn’t be involved if there wasn’t a cut in it for them. So, if they want their cut then they can help make the system a good one first. I’ll be asking my benefits administrator if my benny card account can be closed all together.