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August 2011

This should be enabled by default in my opinion but Lion adds “terminal here” functionality as a “Service” named “New Terminal Tab at Folder” and “New Terminal at Folder”. To enable them open the Keyboard preferences pane, choose the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, and then the Services item on the left. Check “New Terminal at Folder” and “New Terminal Tab at Folder” options. Now those items are available under the Services sub-menu from the Finder Menu item or a right-click on a folder. Add a keyboard shortcut by double-clicking to the right of those items. May I suggest Control-Option-Command-T for whichever one you use the most? I chose this sequence because Command-T is universally “new tab” – I realize finder doesn’t have tabs but hopefully someday we’ll get native tabs. In the mean time I use TotalFinder which has been working great and I recommend it. I avoided Command-Option-T because that sequence hides/shows the toolbar. Control-Option-Command-T seemed to not be in use in Finder since it dinged at me when I tried it (before enabling it for this use of course). Enjoy. Credit where due: Macworld