Tooth… String… Not

by Bruce on August 2, 2010

Daughter #1 had a loose tooth, her last baby tooth, for a long time, 6 months.  In fact, the permanent tooth was already in place and just as big as the baby tooth.  Mom told her she needed to get it out before her dentist appointment or we’d have the dentist take it out.  She didn’t care for that method; we’d done that before.  By the way, it’s considered an extraction, and it’s not cheap.  So she decided to tie a string on the tooth to help her pull it out.  She didn’t plan for any door know nor book involvement, just a little tug should do the trick.  She tied the string with the first step of a standard shoelace knot.  Standing there holding the string, scared and hesitant, her sister grabbed her hand and pulled, but the tooth stayed in and the tug was painful.  After quite some time, she let me look at it.  Because the string was above the tooth it wasn’t visible.  I had the impression that it might be around the gums and not in a position to help the extraction.  I told her of my impression and that I wanted to pull on the tooth directly, not the string.  I was able to pull the tooth.  It felt and sounded like it was held in by a super strong velcro.  And there she lie, with the string still attached to her mouth.  It was round the gums like a mushroom and still not visible.  I couldn’t get at it with the tweezer so I pulled on one end.  Unfortunately instead of loosening and coming off, it simply fed through, and the string was fairly long.  So I convinced her to let me cut one end short.  At that point a gentle pull released it and the trauma was over – mostly!  If you are going to enlist the help of a string, make sure it stays on the tooth.

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