Treasure or Crock Pot

by Bruce on December 1, 2010

I’m in WalMart on black Friday and witness this conversation…
Husband walks up to his Wife with a crock pot in hand that has a ten dollar sign hanging off the side and exclaims “look what I got honey!”
Wife, looking baffled, replies “why did you get that?”
Husband pauses, “well, they were going so fast I had to grab one.”
Wife, obviously annoyed, “we don’t need one of those, go put it back.”
Husband turns defensively, “no, it’s my money and I’m keeping it.”

If you aren’t shaking your head or laughing then I guess you had to be there and/or you’ve never experienced an American black Friday. I won’t be returning to WalMart on a black Friday. Cyber Monday, which starts on Thanksgiving day, is more of my style.

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