Scotts LawnService – Dishonest Business Practices

by Bruce on August 25, 2012

Dishonest? Harassment? You choose. Here’s what they did. In the fall I signed up for a special, one-time service that was steeply discounted. In the spring they showed up at my home, knocked on the door, but I wasn’t home and my wife was bathing a kid. When she was finished with the kid she noticed the Scotts guy packing up and leaving – he had just sprayed the lawn. A short time later I receive a bill. So I call and they agree to cancel the invoice. They stated that I must have been signed up for recurring service last year – um no. After receiving another bill I decided to send them a note with the payment stub asking them to quit billing me. We’ll see. Beware of Scott’s LawnService shady business practices and if you didn’t order their service, don’t pay them. If you want to discourage dishonest business practices then vote with your dollar and choose a different service.

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