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Longing for a MBP

by Bruce on April 15, 2009

Latest BHAG, a MacBook Pro 17 (still love my iPhone).


iPhone B.H.A.G.

by Bruce on February 25, 2008

My latest BHAG (big harry audacious goal) is to acquire an iPhone. I made a list of stuff to finish (word chosen carefully) before I allow the purchase. I’m about half way through my BHAG. Each task is larger than I anticipated but that’s okay because since I’ve started the 16Gig model was released and I’m waiting for official third-party apps to hit the iPhone (should be tomorrow). One small problem: I have no intention of switching to AT&T who currently holds the exclusive iPhone contract in the USA. So I’m patiently waiting for

  1. The iPhone update that enables third-part applications
  2. The hackers to unlock that version of the iPhone
  3. Me to finish the BHAG

Update: The firmware was updated to 1.1.4 on 2/26 as expected, but the SDK has been delayed. Also, great news, the unlock still works on the new firmware, Zibri will have Ziphone “adjustments” in a few days.

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